12/29/2022, 3:10 PM
hi @Oleksandr (Alex) Dimov! For the run_config question, the solution of creating those ops is reasonable. Another option to make that configuration globally available without having to create those ops would be using make_values_resource For your second question of how to get things to execute after meltano_run_op, you can use nothing dependencies. In your case, that would look like changing your op decorator to
@op(ins={"cc_id": In(), "tbl": In(), "start_after": In(Nothing))
def cf_run_event_processing(context, cc_id, tbl):
then your job would have
meltano_done = meltano_run_op(...)()
cc_id, cache_key = cf_run_event_processing(..., start_after=meltano_done)

Oleksandr (Alex) Dimov

01/09/2023, 5:14 PM
@owen Hello thanks for the good answer, in a few days I'm going to come back to this problem. (A little work has accumulated during the holidays). I will be glad if you will be in touch