Hey, folks! Please feel free to redirect me to th...
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Hey, folks! Please feel free to redirect me to the correct channel (relevant channel). I have a question regarding the Dagster authentication feature. To give you short context, our team is running jobs using Dagster and we are hosting these services using the Dagit cli and Nginx on EC2 instance. Here, the issue is about an user having the IP address will be able to see the resource configuration values and that’s not something that we are expecting. Does Dagit have the authentication feature which ask initially for username password or something related to the OTP. Feel free to provide me the resources or any forum links if available. Thanks
Dagster Cloud offers RBAC, the alternative is to put the load balancer behind cognito and create your own authentication flow. I’ve done it for a few different deployments and it’s not difficult.
In OSS, we don't have a built in RBAC solution, but you can follow Vinnie's solution above to implement your own