Happy new year folks! :tada: Is there a way curre...
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Happy new year folks! 🎉 Is there a way currently to automatically trigger a dbt run as soon as it’s upstream assets are materialized? I have a scenario where there are: • Multiple airbyte connection (with multiple assets produced per connection) • Multiple dbt projects that consume from airbyte assets I want a sensor to automatically trigger a dbt project as soon as it’s upstream assets have all been materialized.
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Happy New Year! 1. Create multiple jobs, one for each set of dbt models you want to trigger. This could be an entire project, or even a subset of a project. (We have 20+ jobs using the same project, but different models or same parameterized models with different vars) 2. Create multi-asset sensors to trigger those jobs, based on the appropriate asset selection You can also create a combined asset job for airbyte + dbt, without sensors. We use sensors for triggering dbt tests/doc generation, but the model runs are handled as a combined asset job with airbyte assets (dagster will handle the dependencies, as long as they are correctly represented in your asset graph).
They show up as different asset keys. The one defined as a dbt source appears as
, and the one defined as a model in project 1 appears as
You’ll need to get the to be the same asset key. (There may be other ways, but that’s what I’m familiar with.) A few things that might help you with that are the
arguments to https://docs.dagster.io/_apidocs/libraries/dagster-dbt#dagster_dbt.load_assets_from_dbt_manifest I suspect the latter is going to be what you want to modify. The default mapping function is defined here for reference: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/master/python_modules/libraries/dagster-dbt/dagster_dbt/asset_defs.py#L133