<@U046AGUTUAV> Thanks a lot for your dagteam repos...
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@Sean Lopp Thanks a lot for your dagteam repository and the videos you shared today in #dagster-showcase. I have one question to your dagteam repository example: https://github.com/slopp/dagteam/blob/main/ml_project/ml_project/repository.py#L8 is referencing the
asset. However, when referencing the source asset of the analytics team in the ML team/project/code location you do not use any asset key or group:
SourceAsset(key = AssetKey("dummy_upstream"))
but this always renders the source asset in the default asset group. How can this behaviour be changed so no additional asset group is created?
When manually putting the upstream analytics source asset into a separate module (where I can specify the asset group when loading from that sources module) the asset group for analytics is duplicated in the side-bar. The global asset explorer (assets tab) does not make this mistake. How can it be fixed for the sidebar/asset groups as well?
cc @Ben Gotow would you be able to take a look at this?