Started to learn dagster from this great <blog> of...
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Started to learn dagster from this great blog of @Pete Hunt and @schrockn it uses a lot of pip install commands in a script, it seems like the order is important. In this script pip throws a lot of resolution errors, but dagit seem to work fine anyways. Since pip dependency resolution is very simplistic and unreliable I’ve tried to do this tutorial with poetry, but then dagit won’t work due to some gql issues mentioned here before. I’ve managed to build the project with dagster 1.0.1, but in newer versions some dependency issues arise. Has somebody managed to have a simple “hello-world”-like dagster project with poetry and dagster 1.1.6+ ?
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Hi Anton, this doesn't answer every part of your question, but a gql pin fix is going live in the next 24 hours
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