:wave: I've been doing some deployment testing and...
# dagster-serverless
👋 I've been doing some deployment testing and I seem to have messed up my ability to deploy with the standard deploy.yml. My build gets stuck on the
Dagster Serverless Docker Deploy
job. on layer #10 of the dockerfile I just spin indefinitely on
Preparing metadata (setup.py): started
The problem may have been when I removed the github code location and re-added it? Any insight into what steps I can take to resolve from here?
Hi Joel - any chance you’d be able to share the setup.py in question? Last time I saw this it actually turned out that the setup.py was configured in a way that made it scan the entire filesystem of the contaienr
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"""Package builder for Dagster Project"""
from setuptools import find_namespace_packages, setup

if __name__ == "__main__":
        extras_require={"dev": ["dagit", "pytest"]},
I haven't made any changes here since the last successful deploy
Try find_packages instead of find_namespace_packages
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Okay, that got me through that step! Thanks Daniel!
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No problem - there's likely some changes we can make on our side to make it not do that, but I think its scanning the whole filesystem looking for packages with find_namespace_packages