Hey guys, quick question. I am trying to setup dag...
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Hey guys, quick question. I am trying to setup dagster in an openshift cluster at my company. We would like to use the K8s launcher. We are using postgres db in the backend to store the data. The issue I am facing is with
config that gets passed onto the k8s job pods. In our openshift cluster, we aren't allowed to have any secrets. The secrets are meant to be read from an external system using init container and passed as env variables to the pod. Is there a workaround for passing the postgres db password to the job pod without creating a secret in the k8s cluster?
Hey Arun - its a bit of a hack but is leaving that secret there but empty an option? Dagster just needs the DAGSTER_PG_PASSWORD env var to be set in some way, it doesn't particularly care that it came from that secret or not. Then you would just need to be sure that your init container runs on all of the dagster pods, which we can help with
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