How to manage +300 secrets? I need to extract dat...
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How to manage +300 secrets? I need to extract data from an API that have a separate token for each endpoint. 😣 And I need to extract data from more that 300 endpoints. I’m considering two options: 1. create a key for environment variables for each token 2. create one environment variable with all keys in json format I don’t consider either option a good solution Any idea of how to handle this?
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where are you hosting it? You could create a ressource that connects to some sort of secret manager. I.e an azure keyvault or similarly. Also makes it easier to control and see what access to what
potentially even a bitwarden vault
or if it's not particularly sensitive just chuck the file with 300 api tokens on s3. then you're turning 300 secrets into one AWS key pair
Hi @Martin Carlsson, you have a couple of options, you can use an external secret manager like aws secret manager, azure, etc, as suggested by @Casper Weiss Bang, or you can store all secrets in a encrypted file using a tool like ansible-vault, and pass the main password as an environment variable.
Thanks @Casper Weiss Bang and @Rafael Figueiredo We are on AWS and it is unfortunately very sensitive data. In development I will add all tokens to a json object and set that jsonobject as a environment variable. And then come production, we need to make a decision on what we will do. Most likely aws secret manager.