Hey ya'll - Wondering if there's anything on your...
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Hey ya'll - Wondering if there's anything on your roadmap related to allowing jobs/backfills to contain assets that have different partition definitions. Tons of use cases here, but the biggest two are: 1. Ease of scheduling hourly vs daily vs weekly assets (and their subsequent backfills as needed) 2. Allowing folks to choose custom start_dates for their assets
Very soon (next week or two), you'll be able to launch backfills from the asset graph that span assets with different partitions definitions (across hourly / daily, across different start dates)
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+1, with the specific use case of mapping between different static partitions!
Hey, @sandy! This sounds like it may solve some design hurtles I've been running into. Just curious if this change has gone into effect yet, and if so, could you point me towards any documentation that outlines this further?
Was this ever released?
This is taking longer than expected, but it's still planned for the next release or release after
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