Hi All! Another noob question here, I'm setting up...
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Hi All! Another noob question here, I'm setting up a Dagster project on top of an existing solution using AirByte + dbt. For some reason, my AirByte tables are not linking as a source to my dbt models. See screenshots. What I tried/checked: • I checked this documentation https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/dbt/using-dbt-with-dagster/part-one#step-3-configure-dbt-model-data-sources • I checked all the source tables listed in a yml under
. ◦ Does it need to be on a separate file? Or can it be mixed on another file with
? (I tried to separate one model to another file, run build for the dbt model & reload dagster, but it didn't work) ◦ All the AirByte tables sources are coming from a dbt package (and not the main dbt project). I don't think it's the issue, as I tried to move one of the models to the outer project. I'd appreciate any help.
Okay, found the issue. I was missing the
key_prefix=[<sources name>]
in the