Hi team! I've found a bug (v1.1.10): Dagster's "te...
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Hi team! I've found a bug (v1.1.10): Dagster's "telemetry" ignores DAGSTER_HOME. I'm running deployments in rootless Docker container. So I've created "dagster" user with
as his home. But it appears that "telemetry" still tries to write some data to
which results in "access denied" error for any job run. I've checked the container environment through the shell and the variable DAGSTER_HOME is properly set there. Btw, the same bug persists for
, but at least it has a configuration options to mitigate that.
thanks for reporting, will investigate to see what might be causing the issue here. Is this causing any actual breakage for you, or are you just seeing the write error in the logs
@chris, it breaks the execution
plus2 getting this issue
ended up just disabling telemtry in the primary helm chart
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