Aren't the `op_tag` argument working on assets? it...
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Aren't the
argument working on assets? it doesn't seem like the tag is actually added to the job when run.
Looking through the code it doesn't seem like the creation of a job in any way gets the tags from an op. Is this by design? seems super weird and/or a bug, but there might just be something i am missing. I am trying to create a concurrency limit on some of my heavier assets, and would like to simply tag them but it's rather difficult to figure out how. I could group them together, but would prefer not to, as they have no domain-based relation. If thats the best way that's obviously just what i'll do.
It also forces me to not utilize the basic Definitions (afaik?) nor the
button, but rather utilize the jobs instead.
I had a similar question and, indeed, you need to use a job to apply tags to a materialization. Here’s the GH issue
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Thank you. I'll give that a bunch of upvotes.
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