Is there a way to multi-tag / multi-label assets ?...
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Is there a way to multi-tag / multi-label assets ? • Asset A - Group 1, Group 5 • Asset B - Group 1, Group 4 • Asset C - Group 5, Group 3 • Asset D - Group 2, Group 4, Group 1 So Data Lineage View of Group 1 shows - Asset A --> Asset B --> Asset D
hey - unfortunately there’s no support for assets being in multiple groups at this time
Hey Thanks Chris, just out of curiosity is it even feasible to support it in future? Is such overview useful for people ? because I have lot of cross cutting models which I would want to isolate for differnt flows
at least for data lineage and inspection purpose
Gonna defer to a @sandy on roadmapping stuff there, a bit out of the loop on that
@Binoy Shah a couple thoughts here: • if you go to the lineage tab, you can see asset lineage in a way that spans groups • you have have overlapping jobs - i.e. multiple jobs can target the same assets
I'm not doing explicitly multi jobs targeting the same asset.. but I do have DBT models which are shared across different jobs/asset indirectly that cross reference is established
I have a mono-repo for all DBT models with
assigned so lot of DBT implicit jobs reuse the Assets
same here. I want to schedule updates according to tags(group/label?). example: assets with tag1: update at 9am assets with tag2: update at 3pm