I just want to make verbalize that i am really app...
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I just want to make verbalize that i am really appreciating the community support and engagement from the Dagster team. 🙂 You guys are doing a great job, and I feel very confident recommending Dagster as well as putting some of my 🥚 in the dagster 🧺 basket. Thank you 🎉
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Yes! Also if you have any tips on maintaining dev velocity while also providing great highly technical user engagement it would be fascinating to hear about your processes.
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Thanks so much for these kinds words! To your point @Mark Fickett I don’t think we do anything super innovative process-wise. We have a community on-call rotation and there’s an expectation that every engineer is dialed in with customers and community. However I think the biggest reason is simple: we hire talented people who work hard, care, and take pride in their work.
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