hey Dagster team! started getting this error messa...
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hey Dagster team! started getting this error message today on cloud when materializing a backfill of partitioned assets
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Operation name: InstanceBackfillsQuery

Message: Internal Server Error (Trace ID: 5593880838688429486)

Path: ["partitionBackfillsOrError","results",1,"numPartitions"]

Locations: [{"line":7,"column":9},{"line":62,"column":3}]
Hey Charlie - I'm looking into this now. Is it possible that you changed one of your assets from partitioned to non-partitioned in the middle of the backfill?
not in the middle of a backfill, but possibly before
i wiped all materializations
there's a mix of partitioned/non-partitioned assets in the same asset group
on what page in Dagit is this error showing up? and if you go to the Backfills tab of the Overview page, does it show up?
btw here's an issue for tracking: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/11787
So it shows up when i click on the backfills link on the overview page, pops up as a graphql error
Haven’t been able to access the backfills page actually
@sandy the culprit is a likely bad backfill record. now that I have enough backfills to paginate that view, it's working again. however, it will throw that error if I click to go to page 2
Here's a PR that we're going to merge soon that should fix the problem: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/11812. Thanks for bearing with us on this!