I'm using `define_asset_job` like this ```persist_...
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I'm using
like this
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persist_tables_job = define_asset_job(
    name="persist_tables_to_disk", selection=AssetSelection.assets(*all_persisted_assets).upstream()
and everything is good, it runs, it shows up correctly in Dagit, etc, except.... there is no Launchpad! I cannot figure out how to trigger a run of the job from Dagit now. 😞 Just updated to 1.10, was on 1.7 before, issues present in both versions. I have a second asset job where this also happens, but my regular jobs don't have it. I'm using
in both, and I had the launchpad before when I was using
, so that might be the origin of the issue?
dagster bot responded by community 1
The Launchpad has been discontinued (at least in asset jobs? I don’t have any non-asset jobs). You can still find the “Materialize” button in the job view though.
Hi @Vinnie, ah thanks for that piece of info, did not know that. But I don't see any option to materialize either?
Huh that’s odd. It shows on mine, currently running 1.1.7 in production and 1.1.9 locally. For reference, I’m selecting the assets with
very odd! I guess I will have to use a different selector as a band-aid.
Think I managed to fix this by clearing all browser application state
@Vinnie, do you know the reason for the discontinuing of the Launchpad? Why would there be one for "normal" jobs, but not for jobs created by "define_asset_job" ?
Don’t really know why, I just remember I raised this issue a while back and got the explanation that it was discontinued. I don’t remember who answered me back then though, maybe @chris?