Hey, are there any plans to upgrade the PostgreSQL...
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Hey, are there any plans to upgrade the PostgreSQL instance that Dagster’s Helm is using? It’s set to`9.6.21` , which stopped receiving security fixes on November 2021 https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/6190d23b372fc69b4882182d025a0f5c3470e84d/helm/dagster/values.yaml#L743
This is the helm chart's default value, you can override it like any other values in here via helm https://helm.sh/docs/chart_best_practices/values/
Thanks, you’re right. However, I’m not sure about dagster compatibility with other PostgreSQL versions. I would happily set the latest version there, but I don’t know how it affects Dagster
Do you know if there’s a list of tested/supported PostgreSQL versions by Dagster?
I'm running 14.5 no problems
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If you are in a public cloud would highly recommend using a managed postgres instance (eg AWS RDS) and not one in your cluster