(Im still heavily in experimental-land) Is there a...
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(Im still heavily in experimental-land) Is there a way to trigger a run of an asset only when all upstream assets are non-stale and late? I have a single asset that has multiple upstream asset inputs - but i only want it to run when all assets are not stale and not late. Reconciliation seems to ignore Freshness and will trigger the last process as long as any of the upstream assets is stale. As an alternative to reconciliation i could build a sensor for that last asset that only kicks off a run if all other assets are not stale/late. But i would still need to access the staleness/freshness of an asset. Is there currently any way of doing that?
so i kinda solved this by adapting the asset_a_and_b_sensor_with_skip_reason sensor from here https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/master/examples/docs_snippets/docs_snip[…]/concepts/partitions_schedules_sensors/sensors/asset_sensors.py Kinda hard to find - but it does the trick. A bit more code than i wanted for an asset based approach - but it works now! So now freshness is mostly for alerting, and runs are kicked off by the multi asset sensor.