# dagster-feedback


01/21/2023, 7:03 PM
Somehting might be up with the latest backfill. I'm selecting Materialize All for a group and the backfill function only materializes one of the assets not both. Pic one is the backill view it shows two assets but in the actual que only one of them is run in that backfill. I'm on 1.1.13 for some reason
as always user error not Dagster. I forgot to make my downstream asset partitioned as well so thats what cause this and a further problem if someone runs into this error then this is likely your problem
dagster._check.CheckError: Failure condition: Tried to access partition key for asset
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Martin Picard

01/23/2023, 10:09 AM
Try 1.1.13 there is a bugfix for backfiils it seems