hoping some on can explain if its *possible to con...
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hoping some on can explain if its possible to configure configured ops: i have an op that i want to be able to reuse -- which takes a query, runs it in big query, then returns a dataframe
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    config_schema={'qry_str': str,
                   'filter_func': Field(Any, default_value=None)}  # this function is meant to allow further play on the dataframe
def op_bigq_adjust_df_results(context: OpExecutionContext) -> pl.DataFrame:
	qry_str = context.op_config['qry_str']
	filter_func = context.op_config['filter_func']
	df: pl.DataFrame = context.resources.rsrc_bigquery_runner(qry_str).bigquery_to_df()
	if filter_func is None:
		return df
		filtered_df = filter_func(df)
			f'ADJUSTED DATAFRAME SHAPE: {str(filtered_df.shape)} columns: {str(filtered_df.shape[1])}, rows: {str(filtered_df.shape[0])}')
		return filtered_df
then i want to be able to use this op in it's configured form either at the top of a job (no dependency) or somewhere else (with dependency of other ops) so here would be initial configuration of the op - which leaves it open for further configuration:
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@configured(configurable=op_bigq_adjust_df_results, config_schema={"query": str, "placeholder": str})
def checking_configured(context, SOME_UPSTREAM_OP):  # SOME_UPSTREAM_OP would provide me with a replacement string for dynamic sql
   replacement = SOME_UPSTREAM_OP
   query = context.op_config['query'].replace(
   return {"qry_str": query, "qry_type": "DQL"}  # this would then be passed to the above base op (op_bigq_adjust_df_results)
and then i would have a third op where i pass the actual values to the above configured op:
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x = configured(configurable=checking_configured, name='x')(
	{"query": QRY_BIGQ,
	 "placeholder": '$placeholder$',
i already have a bigquery resource, which has all sorts of methods - but i'd like to see stuff on the dagit chart. and id like to turn some configured ops into assets THANK YOU!
hey - should be possible to use configured multiple times