Is there a way of having a master project that rea...
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Is there a way of having a master project that reads in "child" projects? For example, we are setting up master repo. We have N developers making their own repos (fully self-contained). Is there a way to read those as subprojects without having to rewrite the master repo?
If I understand you correctly, you might want to look at using multiple "code locations", one for each "child" repository. For example, each developer could host their own code location that gets updated with their code changes. Specify multiple code locations using a
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I think the way they are conceptualizing things right now is to manually migrate code for each "code location." If we update the original code location then they have to manually update the master repo. That doesn't seem like a very dry way to do things. I'll take a look at the workspaces above but we have separate spaces but a lot of manual integration. If you have other development advice on how to have multiple people making projects and importing them into a master dagit I'm all ears. :)