Really enjoying the dagster framework and UI as a ...
# dagster-feedback
Really enjoying the dagster framework and UI as a developer. Great product, so flexible and nice abstractions! Is there actually any plans to create some UI/tooling which would be able to declare graphs/jobs/assets graphically? E.g. declaratively creating data/flow dependencies in a UI and only leaving the "function body" to be created via (pluggable/insertable) code? If not - is there a good reason why this doesnt make sense?
hey jan! thanks for the suggestion. we talk about what concepts would make sense to move to the UI regularly. to start, our first pass will be to make more Dagster concepts visible in the UI (seeing resources for example). generally speaking, we’ve wanted all of the pipeline components to be versioned, and haven’t had the appetite for integrating a git versioning into Dagster yet, and so we’ve been hesitant to make a code-first approach with the UI creation. can you tell me more about why you would want to create assets / graphs/ jobs in the UI?