# dagster-cloud

Said Mancouri

01/25/2023, 4:09 PM
In cases where we have 2 branches that have the same asset, is there a way to move the metadata and assets information from branch to another ?


01/25/2023, 4:44 PM
I’m curious what the use case is. Are you looking to test some branch deployments with data generated in another?

Said Mancouri

01/25/2023, 6:34 PM
Let’s say that you have create another branch from prod. You ran an intensive computation that you don’t want to rerun. So you copied the data to the prod. how to copy the assets infos/metadata to the prod ?
Another use case, you create an isolated logic and data environment to run the pipeline within a branch. and after you finish the pipeline you want to merge that branch in prod