Hi We've been experimenting with an op that output...
# dagster-feedback
Hi We've been experimenting with an op that outputs an asset via the Out(asset_key=) syntax. This works well in itself, but can no longer launch the corresponding job via the launchpad in dagit.
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@op(out={ "xyz": Out(asset_key=AssetKey(["my_asset_key"])) })
def wibble():
I understand that this is because of https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/8963, whereby any job that has an asset output is treated as an asset job, and the launchpad is deliberately hidden. In this instance however the asset(s) already are defined by a separate asset declarations, so materialization doesn't call the job containing the "wibble" op. It would be helpful for the job definition to have an
parameter to suppress the default behaviour introduced by https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/pull/8963. Background: the job is for materializing the asset by a secondary path, i.e. the assets have multiple possible materialization routes (a full loader job, and a changes-only job), with different inputs Thanks in advance for your attention
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can you do the Shift+click on materialize to add configuration? that's what I do for asset jobs that I want to launch through the launchpad
unfortuately no, doing that materialises the asset by the primary asset job. This secondary job isn't recognised