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Josh Alexy

01/28/2023, 12:52 AM
Is the concept of a 'dynamically partitioned asset' still not around? I have a pipeline that does some data extraction -- lets say I have 100 users, my bucket would be segmented by each user's unique id, ie:
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- big bucket
  - id_1
     - folder_for_certain_type_of_doc
        - unprocessed_doc.txt
  - id_2
  - id_3
I basically want to sense when we add an unprocessed doc/dir to the user_id key in s3, so I can take
run it through dagster, and put it back into the same folder as
. Am I thinking about this incorrectly? Is this possible?
is this "sensable" or do I manually have to call the API and kick off a run with a pointer to the S3 dir?
(or, even better segmenting the users into different buckets etc)


01/28/2023, 1:42 AM
Hi Josh, we’re actively designing and building this feature right now. Here’s the tracking issue for it: cc @sandy

Josh Alexy

01/28/2023, 1:46 AM
Ok thanks! I’ll probably hack something together with lamdas and the graphql api in the meantime I think
it will probably be something like upload to s3 -> lambda calls GQL api to kick off job -> dagster users internal s3 library to upload to output library