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Ryan Green

01/29/2023, 4:20 AM
a few questions related to using branches: 1. if you're not using github, how do you specify the branch you want to deploy to using the dagster-cloud cli? (wasn't able to find this in the docs) 2. are you able to specify the source you want to branch from? or is it always the main branch? 3. which metadata from the source branch is not copied to the new branch? 4. is it possible to deploy to the same branch multiple times? (or does each deployment need to create a different branch?) 5. what is the behavior if a new branch is created while a data asset is in the process of being materialized on the source branch? 6. what is the behavior when deploying to a branch that is materializing an asset? ( for example, the pipeline is materializing a data asset that no longer exists on the new deployment) 7. when merging a feature branch back to the main branch, which metadata from the feature branch is NOT merged onto the main branch? 8. when merging a feature branch back to the main branch, what is the behavior in the case that a deployment has been made to the main branch (between branching and merging)? cc: @schrockn @sandy @Travis McKinney @Said Mancouri

Sean Lopp

01/30/2023, 3:57 PM
@Ryan Green today, branch deployments do not copy over any metadata from production. There is some ongoing work to investigate adding this capability: So I think your answer to 3,5,6,7 would depend on how the metadata on the branch is managed, which is still a WIP. For (1) - take a look at[…]-the-dagster-cloud-cli For (4) - yes you can push updates to the branch
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Dagster Jarred

01/30/2023, 10:35 PM
cc: @daniel who might find these questions interesting