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Empirico Therapeutics is hiring for a Data Infrastructure Engineer focusing on DevSecOps. This role will focus on enabling data engineers and bioinformaticians to increase their development velocity by improving developer workflows and deployment pipelines. The role will build internal self-service tools that help other developers at Empirico deploy their analyses to cloud infrastructure as well as tools to bring observability and monitoring to those analyses. They will also be responsible for ensuring our infrastructure is set up in a secure manner, and will be a go-to resource for maintaining our security posture and helping others develop applications securely. This role is expected to practice true devops in that they will contribute to core applications and data pipelines in addition to more traditional ops and security work, and will help others learn to do both - we feel self-service is a critical component in enabling our domain experts to effectively deploy and productionize their tools and business logic. Empirico is a pharma startup bringing a data-first approach to drug discovery. We use huge biological and healthcare datasets to find high-conviction drug targets with a goal of reducing the time and cost of drug development. The work our developers do has the potential to impact millions of patients suffering from terrible diseases. If you're interested in learning more about the intersection of cutting-edge genetics and software development, give me a shout! We're a hybrid-remote team, with a San Diego office and labs in Madison, WI - if you'd like to work at either place you're welcome to, but we also have multiple fully remote employees (like myself). The JD isn't quite up on the website yet but I'm happy to share it with anyone who's interested.
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