Hi all, I'm having this error in Dagster (when I t...
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Hi all, I'm having this error in Dagster (when I try to load my code)
dagster._core.errors.DagsterInvalidDefinitionError: Input asset '["my_asset_apple"]' for asset '["myasset_bannana"]' is not produced by any of the provided asset ops and is not one of the provided sources
But I do have the sofware defined asset
defined in another .py file, and I do have downstream assets depending on it. Is the issue that these two assets are in different .py files?
Hi @Mycchaka Kleinbort how are you running dagit? do you have a Definitions object created with all of your assets passed to it?
@jamie @Mycchaka Kleinbort I'm having the same issue
I do have a Definitions object with all of the assets passed
does key_prefix matter? do you need to do something special there?
key_prefix does matter. you may need to specify the input to your downstream asset via an AssetIn if the downstream asset doesn’t share a key prefix
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thank you! thought I was going crazy