I searched around but couldn’t find an answer, but...
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I searched around but couldn’t find an answer, but is the Kubernetes run worker job name customizable? It looks like K8s Job Name is
as a prefix with the Run ID as the suffix. Would be nice to add the job name, a timestamp, etc, if possible. Thanks
funny, I was about to ask the same question today
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seems like only the job's
is considered when building the job name. see code
We do label the Jobs with
, so the info is there but not as available. There is a length limit and some other restrictions on the naming, so it’d be a balance including job name and timestamp and run id etc. Feel free to submit an issue but I think it’s likely not something we’ll be able to immediately prioritize. Run launchers are very pluggable though, so you could always write a custom launcher extending ours
thanks @johann the label is super useful. I'm trying to see job names on datadog's built-in K8s Jobs dashboard
according to datadog docs I can get the agent to set the job_name label as a tag, then I can use it in dashboards 😅
good to know!