Good afternoon, folks! I recently updated to `1.1...
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Good afternoon, folks! I recently updated to
and it seems that Dagit has stopped suggesting completions for
tags in the filter selection box on “Runs” views. For example, I used to be able to start typing a partition name and quickly find the tag I was looking for, but now it seems that if I want to locate runs for a given partition, I have to visit the “Partitions” tab for a given job and poke around to find the relevant runs, or (if I’m lucky) find a run in the unfiltered runs list with the desired partition tag on it, then use that tag to choose “Add tag to filter.” Was this an intentional change? Did I miss a migration during the transition that would re-enable this? If I inject a custom tag with the partition names, should I expect that to work with the suggestions? Curious how best to proceed to get the suggestion functionality back. Thanks!
hi! you should be able to type
now and it’ll show suggestions. this is a change that was made in 1.1.4
Thanks, Jamie! Lemme try it out. Hmmm, if I get this far, it still doesn’t suggest anything, but when I finish typing in the whole partition name and press enter, it does successfully apply the tag. 😕
is a bit of a finger-ful too; if I implement custom tags, would I still need to type that out, e.g.
, to get suggestions?
Hi @trevenrawr, unfortunately we actually had to remove tag autocompletion in v1.1.4 due to backend performance considerations. (There’s a little more context in a bugfix entry on Sorry about that. If you are looking at a list of runs that include tags that you’re interested in filtering on, you can hover over the tag and click “Add tag to filter” to add it to the input.
Ooh, thanks for the changelog entry! Not surprised this caused some performance problems in certain situations… What does “Tags can still be searched with freeform text” mean here, though? Is this through the core search, shortcut
Just that you can still type/paste the full tag text into the input and it will search correctly — which…I know is not a very satisfying interaction with the input.
Ahhhh, okay, gotcha. Well in case you all ever decide to revisit this functionality, here’s a little more context: I’m running a lot of jobs with partitions across tenants/customers in our data and when troubleshooting for any given tenant, it’s very nice to be able to just type in the tenant name (partition name) and see all their runs collected in one spot. Sometimes the tenant names are hard to spell, so suggestions really help out there. 😅
If ever you had a way to re-enable suggestions for custom tags or just partitions or something, I’d be thrilled to pick it up and work with whatever you cook up that can be performant and helpful 😁
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Yep, that’s understandable. (@prha you might have thoughts here)
I wonder if it’d be sufficient to autocomplete a set of dagster tag keys (e.g. partition, schedule, sensor)… It might be possible to whitelist a handful and build custom partial indexes on this… @trevenrawr can you file a GH issue and assign it to me?
Sure thing! Thanks for taking a look!
Not sure I can assign it to you, but I did mention you in the writeup! Thanks again!
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