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Alfie Johnson

02/05/2023, 12:07 PM
Hi everyone, I have a question regarding partitioning (static partitions) and conditional materialization. Is there a way to materialize downstream assets if only some of the selected partitions yield a result or must all of the partitions I select to materialize yield a result for the downstream asset to also materialize? For example, if only 2 out of 5 partitions yield an output is there a way to still materialize the downstream asset?
@KekronBekron Hi, replying here to keep track of the original post. Currently I am using conditional materialization as described in the link you provided. My main issue at the moment is if I try to materialize three partitions, say 'A', 'B' and 'C'. If only 'A' passes the condition I have specified and consequently 'B' and 'C' do not yield an output, the downstream asset does not materialize. I understand this is the default behaviour, with good reason, but trying to find a way to change this.


02/08/2023, 11:57 AM
Hi Alfie, Thanks for the question. I’ve put out a call for a more knowledgable colleague to answer this.
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