Hello everyone, I need to consume data from a sour...
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Hello everyone, I need to consume data from a source protected by firewall rules. Is it possible to allocate a static IP address to my runs in Dagster Cloud? I want to avoid launching an EC2 instance on AWS and setting everything up myself What do you recommend?
Hi Nicolas, if you are using Serverless we can provide you a list of IPs that Cloud runs on
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hi @ben. Just ran into this thread regarding firewall issues. we too are in the process of integrating with Dagster Cloud and our DB is running behind a firewall. it would be a life saver if you could provide us with the list of IP's the Cloud runs on so that I can add those to the our AWS security group rules.
i found the official AWS list of IP ranges for the US, but its around 12k IP ranges and that goes through the limit of the number of security group rules per network interface
Hi Ivan, I’ve sent you the list of IP addresses directly.
could you post these publicly? I'm trying to whitelist dagster to connect to my db's but there's no docs on the ip address to use - i'm using dagster cloud
Hi Sean, we only send this list to users individually so it’s easier for us to contact folks in case the list changes down the line (e.g. we increase the pool of IPs). I’ll go ahead and send you the list.