Hi all, looking for some help in deploying dagster...
# integration-dbt
Hi all, looking for some help in deploying dagster pipeline with dbt. We have few dagster pipelines in production which exist as separate folders under a
folder so our new pipeline (called spina) will be deployed as a folder under dagster folder parallel to other pipeline folders. Spina uses dbt as well so should the dbt folder be inside the spina folder or can it be outside? Keen to know what's the best practise here. dagster • pipeline1 • pipeline2 • pipeline3 • spina ◦ dbt (here or parallel to dagster folder) @sandy
Either should work. @rex or @yuhan - do we have a best practice on this?
@Manan P
@rex @yuhan could you please help?
Hey Abhishek, sorry for the delay in response. In our example dbt + dagster project, the dbt project is kept in the top level of your dagster project. There, we have two folders: • `jaffle_shop`: the dbt project • `tutorial_dbt_dagster`: the dagster project that loads the dbt project as dagster. https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/tree/master/examples/tutorial_dbt_dagster