Hi everyone, I am having problems with log files. ...
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Hi everyone, I am having problems with log files. From the UI I receive the following message:
No Log file available
The files exist at the specified path but they are empty. I cannot understand why. I am using Windows 10 + Dagster 1.1.14. Thank you all so much 🙂
hi @Ansel Boero ! what output are you expecting there? is the operation you're running intended to emit stuff to stdout? are you able to see things in stderr?
Hi @owen, I didn't expect anything from stdout, sorry; I wanted to screen stderr. Stderr is also empty. However, using Ubuntu (personal Pc) I can see the log. Is there anything I can do in order to debug the "issue"? Thank you for your help
hm is your
any different between these two environments? The ComputeLogManager controls how these logs get stored. Also, do you mind opening up a GitHub issue? It's definitely possible that there's an issue with the how the log manager works on windows
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Hi @owen, Just for reference, I hadn't noticed the warning that appeared when initializing dagit:
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"WARNING: Compute log capture is disabled for the current environment. Set the environment variable PYTHONLEGACYWINDOWSSTDIO to enable."
By setting the following variable, I can see the log now. Thank you very much. I could propose a pull request to add this small piece of information to the documentation, if considered valuable :)
ah an issue great! glad you figured out the issue