My team is having trouble implementing `tag_concur...
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My team is having trouble implementing
when deploying on k8s Our run coordinator includes the following:
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  module: dagster._core.run_coordinator
  class: QueuedRunCoordinator
    max_concurrent_runs: 2
    - key: catalog
      limit: 4
      value: iceberg
The relevant
are decorated with
@op(tags={"catalog": "iceberg"})
Yet, more than 4 of these ops will process concurrently. The ops are being spawned by a
yield DynamicOutput(...)
. Is this a special case where I need to do something differently? We'd like to limit the number of spawned ops that access one of our databases.
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Hi Chris - those tag limits only apply to jobs/runs, not to individual ops. You can also apply tag limits to ops within a single run, but we don’t yet have a way to globally limit the number of ops with a certain tag across all runs
Or, actually - on k8s specifically there is a way to specify limits like this with celery:
@daniel, thanks for the help! I'll be working on this again in about 12 hours with someone else on our team who does the deploying.