# dagster-support

Sebastian Charrier

02/08/2023, 12:28 AM
Hello, So far we have dagster+bigquery+dbt working ok. Now we are trying to read and write files into google cloud storage, any idea how to do it? do I need to create a custom io manager? in the example below I was able to read and write using pandas • daily_order_summary = pd.read_json('gs://data-analytics/test-data/test.json') • daily_order_summary.to_json('gs://data-analytics/test-data/test.json') but I guess Dagster must have a different way to separate assets from IO?
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        "daily_order_summary": AssetIn(key_prefix=["analytics"]),
        "order_forecast_model": AssetIn(),
def predicted_orders(
    daily_order_summary: pd.DataFrame, order_forecast_model: Tuple[float, float]
) -> pd.DataFrame:
    #Predicted orders for the next 30 days based on the fit paramters
    a, b = order_forecast_model
    daily_order_summary = pd.read_json('<gs://data-analytics/test-data/test.json>')
    start_date = daily_order_summary.order_date.max()
    print(pd.to_datetime(start_date, unit='s'))
    future_dates = pd.date_range(
        start=pd.to_datetime(start_date, unit='s'), end=pd.to_datetime(start_date, unit='s') + pd.DateOffset(days=30)
    predicted_data = model_func(x=future_dates.astype(np.int64), a=a, b=b)
    return pd.DataFrame({"order_date": future_dates, "num_orders": predicted_data})
Hi @Sean Lopp We figure out how to use io_manager for GCS. we just don't know how to pass the credentials, the below code is working if we use OAuth, but any idea of how to configure to use a service account passing a json file?
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"io_manager_gcs": gcs_pickle_io_manager.configured(
            "gcs_bucket": "data-analytics", 
            "gcs_prefix": "garys-prefix"
    "gcs": gcs_resource,

Sean Lopp

02/08/2023, 4:59 AM
Google auth is tricky. In this project I got things to work nicely by having the service account JSON file encoded as an env var and then decoded to a temp file on disk when the dagster code is loaded. Then I point a known google environment variable at the temp file. With this approach most clients and google related packages just work without further config. The project readme has details and code

scott simpson

02/11/2023, 5:07 AM
Here's one that worked for me:
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service_account_creds = os.environ['GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDS']
gcs_credentials = service_account.Credentials.from_service_account_info(json.loads(service_account_creds))
storage_client = storage.Client(credentials=gcs_credentials)
resource_defs = {
    "data_lake_io_manager": gcs_pickle_io_manager.configured(
            "gcs_bucket": "my_bucket",
            "gcs_prefix": "my_prefix"
    "gcs": ResourceDefinition.hardcoded_resource(storage_client)
param at the end was the key to getting it working
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