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02/09/2023, 1:39 AM
Any tips on improving perfomance of the DefaultRunLauncher or using a different one with better perfomance ? At the moment its the bottleneck on what should be a 10 second job. I'm testing on my staging enviroment which is an EC2 instance (2 vpcus , 8gib) results on left. Running on docker. Picture on the right is my macbook pro 16gb M1 , obviously a much more powerful machine but just would like to check if the difference is just machines or docker

Andrew Grigorev

02/09/2023, 9:40 AM
Would it still be so different on a dummy operator which would just make
? Sounds like it could be more affected by a network connection than a CPU-bound computations, don't you try to access a data stream (which is near your work network) from a distant AWS region?