# community-events

Fraser Marlow

02/09/2023, 3:57 PM
A quick update on conferences: 1. Dagster will be at Data Council in Austin at the end of March. We are planning to host a happy hour on the 27th (the night before the conference starts). It will be a joint event with Airbyte, Brooklyn Data, HEX and Hightouch - details will come out next week. 2. Here is a list of conferences with upcoming submission dates. If you would like to pitch a talk to any of these conferences, we would be happy to support with branding, resources, help review proposals etc. • ODSC East (event date: May 9th) [apply to speak by February 27, 2023] • World Data Summit (event date: May 9th) [ apply to speak - deadline not stated] • Convergence (event date: March 7th) [apply to speak - deadline not stated] • Data Science Salon - Finance and Tech (event date: June 7th) [ apply to speak - deadline not stated ] • Data Science Salon - Media and advertising (event date: June 8th) [ apply to speak - deadline not stated ] • RAY Summit 2023 (event date: Sep 18-19th )[ apply to speak by Feb 17th]