I'm curious if this is a bug... My code location c...
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I'm curious if this is a bug... My code location container has this
line at the end:
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CMD ["dagster", "api", "grpc", "-h", "", "-p", "4000", "--max_workers", "3", "--module-name", "my_module"]
If I materialize all of the assets in a job, dagster spins up 3 workers to handle concurrent processing. However, once it is all complete, if I again materialize all of the assets in the job (as I was doing as part of testing), dagster only spins up 2 workers (which is default). Is that expected or should I be specifying
elsewhere, too?
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Hey clay - the "max-workers" parameter there is referring to a number of threads on the grpc server, it's not directly related to dagster execution. It sounds like you may be looking for the 'max_concurrent' parameter here, which controls how many ops execute at once in a given run: https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/ops-jobs-graphs/job-execution#default-job-executor
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(and is specified in configuration for the job)
ah, ok! Thanks!
So, in a docker multi-container deployment,
in the job will determine how many code location containers are launched to complete the work?
max_concurrent will determine how many processes get spun up for a particular job. Where those processes are running will depend on which executor you pick
the default executor does each op in a subprocess
if you use the docker_executor, each op will execute in a different docker container
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ok, thanks for clarifying!
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