Does Dagster publish OpenTelemetry tracing events?...
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Does Dagster publish OpenTelemetry tracing events? We have an otel-collector in our k8s cluster (hybrid user here) and I'd like to send the traces for runs there if possible. Also, to have log lines emit trace and span-id so they can be correlated to the traces.
Dagster doesn’t currently. But if you want to open an issue on the Github repo, it’s something we can prioritize against other feature requests.
And I recently released a library (just OSS, unaffiliated w/ Dagster) which hooks up trace propagation for Dagster ops: .
I think this existing ticket may be looking for your upvote: .
Thanks, I was looking at that linked from the ticket. It definitely has some overlap with what I've been doing, for example in which starts a span for each
Good stuff