Hi :wave: I've been evaluating the use of dagster ...
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Hi 👋 I've been evaluating the use of dagster cloud and one thing I've stumbled across is how I go about sharing resources (not dagster specific) with dagster cloud. I have SNS topic arns that I'd like to pass to dagster cloud and expose as environment variables but I can't find a viable solution. Is this something that dagster cloud supports? 🧵
I appreciate that I can go through the UI and add environment variables there, but if the Aws SNS topic ARN changes, this means a manual task of updating the environment variables in the UI.
There are a couple different ways you could achieve this. You already mentioned the built-in env vars support - in addition to editing those via the UI, you can also mutate them via graphql. So you could automate the process up changing topic ARNs when your infrastructure changes. You could also write your Dagster definitions in a way that they pull this information from another parameter store - AWS SSM Parameter Store or a database you maintain or the like. Or, for something like an SNS topic ARN which isn’t particularly secret, you could build the env var directly into the image you’re running. And redeploy your code if/when the topic changes.
Thanks for the response! It sounds like there's a couple options to explore then. Do you have any documentation regarding the dagster graphql?
endpoint for your dagster.cloud instance includes a playground with the full graphql schema there’s a little more detail here https://docs.dagster.io/concepts/dagit/graphql#graphql-api
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