Chris Histe

02/16/2023, 1:20 PM
We’re getting this error when loading some pages in dagit since we upgraded yesterday. Seems related to tte “Loading” block which never resolves.
Operation name: AssetGraphLiveQuery

Message: Attempted to deserialize class "EventLogRecord" which is not in the whitelist. This error can occur due to version skew, verify processes are running expected versions.
Descent path: <root:dict>

Path: ["assetNodes",0,"assetMaterializations"]

Locations: [{"line":24,"column":3}]


02/16/2023, 6:46 PM
hi @Chris Histe what are your dagit/dagster versions? on the surface, this seems to indicate a mismatch between the two (my suspicion is that the dagit version is less than the dagster version)

Chris Histe

02/16/2023, 6:52 PM
Is this the Dagit version?
And this the Dagster version?
It’s odd because my dagit and dagster are
in my pyproject.toml
Ahhhh I think I didn’t upgrade my helm chart
Yes that’s the problem. My bad. Thanks a lot!
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