Hi Dagster team, I am using Dagster + DBT : Every...
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Hi Dagster team, I am using Dagster + DBT : Everything works pretty well on local environment but I would really like to make it live on dagster cloud ! The problem : github actions CI doesnt pass. Some context :
First, i had an issue with private github repository that serves as a python library
I could work around using <https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/12340#discussioncomment-4976293
|this fix. >(it requires ENABLE_FAST_DEPLOYS='true')
Therefore, i had another issue with the DBT integration,
It seems to be related to <https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/12180
|this >: (the fix proposed here requires ENABLE_FAST_DEPLOYS='false')
So basically i tried both ENABLE_FAST_DEPLOYS = True / False With both fixes applied and here are the error I get.
Hi Charles, I am working on rolling out a fix today for the
error in your second screenshot (ENABLE_FAST_DEPLOYS=True). I can you know when it is out and then we can try again.
HI again Shalabh, Good to know, i'm looking forward to see the fix 🙏 ! thank you
A tentative fix is out but currently needs the following change to your
Replace the @ tag here:
uses: dagster-io/dagster-cloud-action/actions/build_deploy_python_executable@pex-v0.1
uses: dagster-io/dagster-cloud-action/actions/build_deploy_python_executable@shalabhc/fix-tests
I'm running this through tests before we make it live as
. However if you want you can try it out early and let us know if it fixes your issue. Note you will need to set
for this.
Unfortunately its already evening in the part of the world I live on, but I will be glad to try it on Monday ! Have a great day and upcoming week-end 🙂
Have a good weekend! Hope to have this ready for you by Monday.
This fix was rolled out - the issue should now be resolved.
Hi Shalabh, thanks for letting me know 🙂 . I will try it asap
EDIT : nevermind i'm going to try one more attempt on my side, Just seen your comment on the github issue 🙂
Unfortunately , I still find myself meeting some issues.
Hi Charles, sorry to hear. I am currently unable to reproduce this issue but I suspect it has to do with some permissions being able to read metadata for the commit author. Could you please try the following patch to see if a tenative fix works? In your deploy.yml, replace the @ tag here:
uses: dagster-io/dagster-cloud-action/actions/build_deploy_python_executable@pex-v0.1
uses: dagster-io/dagster-cloud-action/actions/build_deploy_python_executable@v0.1.19-pr-comment-hotfix
Hi Shalabh, After trying to understand the issue for an entire day, I think I found some (strange) fix, but i'm not sure which of those actions actually fixed the issue (maybe a mix of the two) :
Adding a github profile picture
Aswell as registering my e-mail on git CLI with "git config" command.. Before that i was pushing only with git config user.name but no e-mail.
My though, but i did'nt really dig much : There is a step on the Python Deploy process that interracts with github. It seems like the script scans all profiles in commits, and my user "unregistered" / "without git config --email" configured, returns an empty variable, which prevents the script from working. I hope this helps reproducing or fixing this issue !
Indeed the workflow loads the commit author metadata from github to get the avatar picture which is displayed next to the branch deployment in the UI. While we handle the case where there is no avatar picture, looks like this step fails if the commit author is not registered in github. We should be able to reproduce and test the fix. Thank you for the detailed report!
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