# ask-community

Saul Burgos

02/17/2023, 6:10 PM
Hi, Does Dagster have a customer premium support ? paid ?

Fraser Marlow

02/17/2023, 7:28 PM
Hi. @Saul Burgos - Elementl does not currently offer premium support outside of enterprise Cloud contracts. We do have 6 implementation partners (found at ) who may be able to help - although their main focus is implementation projects as opposed to ongoing support. Another alternative is to connect with practitioners in the community who may be open to providing expert support. In fact we will shortly set up a Slack channel dedicated to freelance work. Some of these folks have posted in the #jobs channel if you are interested in connecting with them.

Saul Burgos

02/17/2023, 7:36 PM
thanks for the info
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