# dagster-feedback

Dave Katten

02/17/2023, 8:17 PM
Just went through some headbanging re: environment variables and docker compose. The documentation was really useful on how to get env vars into images, so things went like this: • Set values in a .env file • Add the values to the
• Build/fire up the docker compose • Exec into the running user code container • See that the env vars are there (yay) • Go to dagit, fire off a run (where ops are looking for something in the env) • Failed jobs - the env I expect isn’t there The issue turned out to be a misconception I had about who’s launching the run. I was assuming that the user code image was launching from itself, but because I was using the docker-compose.yaml that set up a daemon and used the queued run launcher. So I needed to pass those envs through to the daemon container in docker-compose.yaml. So my feedback is: please update the docs to be clear about where/how envs are passed, esp in the queued run coordinator context (and esp in the example docker-compose.yaml). Thanks yall!


02/17/2023, 8:40 PM
Hey there! I'm glad the docs were helpful at the start (woo!), but agreed they could be a bit clearer about how/where they're passed in. Adding this to our docs to-do list now.

Casper Weiss Bang

02/19/2023, 6:32 PM