New error in my get mlops working via dagster saga...
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New error in my get mlops working via dagster saga:
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dagster._core.errors.DagsterInvalidDefinitionError: Input 'df_train' of op 'target_extractor_op' has no way of being resolved. Must provide a resolution to this input via another op/graph, or via a direct input value mapped from the top-level graph. To learn more, see the docs for unconnected inputs: <>.
Code is here '''
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target_extractor_op = define_dagstermill_op(
    notebook_path=file_relative_path(__file__, "../notebooks/target_extractor.ipynb"),
    outs={"target": Out(pd.DataFrame, io_manager_key="lake_io_manager")},
    ins={"df_train": In(pd.DataFrame, input_manager_key="raw_data_input_manager")}
@graph(out = {'target': GraphOut()},
def target_extractor_graph():
    #df_train = read_train_data()
    #target, _ = target_extractor_op(df_train)
    target, _ = target_extractor_op()
    return target

local_target_extractor_job = target_extractor_graph.to_job(
        "output_notebook_io_manager": local_output_notebook_io_manager,
        "training_data": current_training_data,
        "lake_io_manager": local_pandas_parquet_io_manager,
        "raw_data_input_manager": local_pandas_csv_io_manager,
So indeed I have connected an input manager to it. This input manager is actually an IO manager: i used this pattern succesfully in another op
Here is an example of a successful file input via an inputmanager pointing to an iomanager, for the
input in this op/graph combo:
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transformer_op = define_dagstermill_op(
    notebook_path=file_relative_path(__file__, "../notebooks/transform.ipynb"),
    #outs={"transformed_data": Out(pd.DataFrame)},
    outs={"transformed_data": Out(pd.DataFrame, io_manager_key="lake_io_manager")},
    #ins={"df": In(pd.DataFrame), "encoders": In(dict), "datatype": In(str)}
    ins={"df": In(pd.DataFrame), 
         "encoders": In(dict, input_manager_key="model_input_manager"), 
         "datatype": In(str)}
    # ins={"df": In(pd.DataFrame, input_manager_key="lake_input_manager"), 
    #      "encoders": In(dict, input_manager_key="model_input_manager"), 
    #      "datatype": In(str)}

@graph(out = {'transformed_data': GraphOut()},
def transformer_graph():
    df = read_data_file()
    datatype = read_data_type()
    #edict = read_encoder_file()
    #transformed_data, _ = transformer_op(datatype = datatype, df = df, encoders = edict)
    transformed_data, _ = transformer_op(datatype = datatype, df=df)
    return transformed_data

local_train_transformer_job = transformer_graph.to_job(
        "output_notebook_io_manager": local_output_notebook_io_manager,
        "data_file": current_training_data, 
        "data_type": train_type,
        "encoder_file": encoder_file,
        "model_input_manager": local_model_fixedpath_io_manager,
        "lake_io_manager": local_pandas_parquet_io_manager,
        "lake_input_manager": local_pandas_parquet_io_manager2,
        "raw_data_io_manager": local_pandas_csv_io_manager,
• Over here
also has no problem being resolved, which makes the above error perplexing. Meanwhile, if i try and resolve df using an inputmanager rather than passing it into an argument, I get the same error.
Thanks for flagging this Rahul--I think this error is happening because our op resolution logic misses the case where a custom input type is used with an input manager key. should fix this cc @chris