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Carl Almklev

02/20/2023, 12:11 PM
Hey, i'm running into an error when trying to use RepositoryData with partitioned assets. Whenever try to run a job i get "Unable to find partition set on {job name}" (see pic). I've replicated the issue with a simple example:
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def partitioned_asset(partitions: List[str]) -> AssetsDefinition:
    def some_asset():
        logger = get_dagster_logger()
        <|>("running asset")
    return some_asset

class ReloadableRepository(RepositoryData):
    def get_all_pipelines(self) -> Sequence[PipelineDefinition]:
        some_asset = partitioned_asset(["partition1", "partition2"])
        unresolved_asset_job = define_asset_job(name="asset_job", selection=[some_asset])
        resovled_asset_job = unresolved_asset_job.resolve(asset_graph=AssetGraph.from_assets([some_asset]))
        return [resovled_asset_job]

    def get_top_level_resources(self) -> Mapping[str, ResourceDefinition]:
        return {}

def repo():
    return ReloadableRepository()
Any help would be much appreciated 🙂
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Ah, just found this api which fixed it 🙂
def get_all_partition_sets(self) -> Sequence[PartitionSetDefinition]: