# dagster-releases

Tim Castillo

02/24/2023, 4:44 PM
Weekly Release Highlights: 1.1.20 🫐 Decorators to make writing graph-backed assets easier 👚 A button to test sensors and schedules 🌡️ Adding a message when an asset sensor does not yield a run 🏷️ Added (back) tag autocompletion in the run filter on the Dagster UI, but now it’s faster! More about integrations: 🐻 [bigquery_pandas_io_manager] Read and write DataFrames with BigQuery as your I/O manager. Join the conversation on #dagster-bigquery! 🗺️ [dagster-dbt] Added ability to use the
selector Experimental changes: 🛠️ Experimental Pythonic config and resources APIs are now available. For more information on these upcoming changes, see our RFC. 🌗 Documentation for dynamic partitions What was your favorite change in this release? React to this message with its emoji!
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