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Deividas Jodogalvis

02/28/2023, 2:41 PM
Hi, I am running dagster locally with
dagster dev
I am using
to start docker container with dbt project I see this in terminal where I started
dagster dev
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b'\x1b[0m14:36:02  Running with dbt=1.5.0-b1\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:02  Unable to do partial parsing because of a version mismatch\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:03  Found 16 models, 0 tests, 0 snapshots, 0 analyses, 425 macros, 0 operations, 0 seed files, 9 sources, 0 exposures, 0 metrics, 0 groups\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:03  \n'
b"\x1b[0m14:36:04  Concurrency: 4 threads (target='dev')\n"
b'\x1b[0m14:36:04  \n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:04  1 of 2 START sql table model DBT_DJ.stg_transformed__stg_model1 ........ [RUN]\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:08  1 of 2 OK created sql table model DBT_DJ.stg_transformed__stg_model1 ... [\x1b[32mSUCCESS 1\x1b[0m in 3.93s]\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:08  2 of 2 START sql table model DBT_DJ.transformed__model1 ................ [RUN]\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  2 of 2 OK created sql table model DBT_DJ.transformed__model1 ........... [\x1b[32mSUCCESS 1\x1b[0m in 1.78s]\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  \n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  Finished running 2 table models in 0 hours 0 minutes and 7.32 seconds (7.32s).\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  \n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  \x1b[32mCompleted successfully\x1b[0m\n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  \n'
b'\x1b[0m14:36:10  Done. PASS=2 WARN=0 ERROR=0 SKIP=0 TOTAL=2\n'
But I do not see this in
What and how should I configure to see docker container output in
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Think I found it the
Raw conpute logs
button 😂
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