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Jean Gonzalez

03/03/2023, 5:15 PM
What are the most evident downsides of building dagster using a single node (single docker image) so dagit has a reference to the python package, instead of using a gRPC server for the repository?
Asking considering we have a issue with dynamically build assets, jobs, sensors from API and dagit is not able to reload them when using a gRPC server
Considering dagster architecture dagit can still have its replicas.
What is the point of having a gRPC server in the first place (naive question sorry!)? What benefits are to having replicas to gRPC servers?


03/03/2023, 10:31 PM
Hi Jean - the main benefit of running a separate gRPC server is that: • problems in your code can't mess up system components like dagit • You can run multiple separate python enviroments in parallel • You can upgrade your code without needing to restart your system components
We don't actually currently support grpc server replicas in dagster, but in our experience they're rarely a bottleneck
Is the "returning a RepositoryData" option in that linked issue a possiblity for you until we resolve the issue?